Hamin N. Omar


My Daddy

I miss you Daddy.
I don’t mean to disturb you, and I hope I’m not. I just want to vent.
Today I needed comfort and I thought of calling you.
It wasn’t a detailed thought, only an urge……and then I remembered.
I ache, I hurt, I miss.
Who am I now that you are gone?
Do I still have “the magic” to make it through hard times?
I don’t know.
How I wish I could feel you hug me, and kiss my face;
encourage me and tell me I am “perfect”.
Who am I now that you are gone?
I look at your picture each night before I go to bed;
I tell you “goodnight”.
My lipstick prints cover the glass;
I say, “I love you” to a piece of paper.
Do you hear me?
I hope you do,
but I fear you do.
I don’t want to disturb you.
I am lost without you,
but I will find my way.
I will find my way because
you gave me the “magic” to do so.
You will never be just my father.
You will always be “My Daddy”.

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